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Israel Tour 2018

Join Us as we travel to Israel – 2018

There will be daily Bible studies at both Old and New Testament sites and a chance to meet with fellow believers in Jerusalem. It has been said that a trip to Israel is worth a year in seminary. Your faith will be enriched as you visit the places you’ve read about in the Bible. We are planning on going this June and would like to know how many would like to join us. Please email Pastor John and let him know if you are interested JJHiggins@Mac.com

Ladies Retreat

2018 Ladies Retreat

Join Us for our annual Ladies Retreat at Emanuel Pines in Prescott, March 2rd thru 4th. 2 nights lodging and 6 meals. Fellowship, prayer and study of God’s Word. Renew your relationship with the Lord in the wonderful pines of Prescott.
Click here to download a copy of the flyer
or contact Shauna Higgins at the church for more details.

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The Life of Christ


The Life and Ministry of Jesus as it happened chronologically in the Bible.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our salvation. Our sins are paid for at the cross and our pardon is granted to us by His resurrection. The study of The Life of Jesus brings us spiritual growth.

As you study His life in the order that the events took place, a new world of understanding follows. We see Jesus as the Messiah doing exactly as His Father commanded. We see the linkage that all the events have together. The reason for the messages, the miracles the teachings come together in a wonderful, revelatory form.

You will learn of the milestone events and put them in order, the events leading up to and the events soon after come to memory. You will see Him as He lived and followed His Father’s will. This will help to understand the way God makes all things work together for my good. Faith grows as we grow in Him.

This study is a wonderful and exciting journey that was started a number of years ago by Pastor John. For those who would like to “relive” the Life and Ministry of Jesus from the very beginning, please visit www.JesusLifeandMinistry.com to watch all of the studies in this series.